A Demonstration Lesson Given by Associate Professor Wu Pen

May 11, Associate Professor Wu Peng of the School of Foreign Languages gave a demonstration lesson of Basic English, a kernel course for English majors, in J101 of Sanshan Building. The lecture was intended for interested faculties as well as students from the whole university. The famous speech entitled “Never Give in, Never, Never, Never” delivered by Winston Churchill, a reverent British Prime Minister who led the British people through the Second World War, was chosen as the object of analysis with the purpose of cultivating students’ critical thinking. Wu Peng’s lecture turned out resourceful, logical, and lively.

Wu Peng began his lecture by playing a short video that highlights the ideology of critical thinking. Students were prompted to sum up the key points of critical thinking. Then students were instructed to analyze the dialectical structure in Winston Churchill’s speech that succinctly demonstrates his way of defending his point of view. And then Wu gave a detailed explanation on the key words and expressions, sentence patterns and rhetorical devices of the whole text.

The demo lesson was well organized but was fairly interesting, where students interacted with the teacher frequently, deepening their understanding of Winston Churchill’s speech by personally analyzing the text from the perspective of critical thinking. The critical thinking strategy was being adopted throughout the lecture. With more attention paid in the educational circles of China in recent years to the cultivation of students’ competence of critical thinking, it has become one of the most important teaching reforms how to integrate the cultivation of students’ competence of critical thinking into practical classroom instruction and how to create a classroom teaching environment viable for the development of critical thinking. Through his carefully contrived lesson structure, lively and humorous language expressions, and stringent and reasonable arrangement of teaching contents, Wu Peng gave a model public class to faculties as well as students of Jiangsu University devoted to the cultivation of students’ competence of critical thinking and their basic language skills in English. (School of Foreign Languages)

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