Professor Lu Tao of Hiroshima University lectures at JU

April 19-20, Professor Lu Tao of Japan’s Hiroshima University visited Jiangsu University, received by Professor Su Jianhong, Dean of the School of Foreign Languages who exchanged ideas with him on furthering academic exchanges and cooperation between the two universities.

On April 19, Professor Lu Tao delivered a lecture entitled “On improving the comprehensive capability of Japanese majors” in No. 1 Lecture Hall of the International Meeting Center. The lecture was presided over by Vice Dean Cai Zhaohui of the School of Foreign Languages and welcomed students as well as staffs of the Japanese Department. By referring to his study, work and life of 29 years in Japan, Professor Lu Tao expounded four basic issues concerning the improvement on the communicative performance in Japanese: ways to enhance Japanese learning, attention to Chinese learning and English learning, ways to carry out studies on society and history, and strategies to promote interpersonal relations. Professor Lu Tao went into mutual interactions with students in humorous words. His meticulous answers to such questions as “How to change the Chinese mode of thinking that impedes intercultural communication?” and “How to enhance the translation capability of Japanese majors?” were warmly applauded by the audience at his lecture.

Professor Lu was graduated in 1982 from the Japanese Department, Dalian University of Foreign Languages and later got his Ph.D in 1996 in Japan’s Kobe University. He is currently Professor at the Graduate School of Social Sciences, Hiroshima University, Visiting Professor of China’s Southeast University, and Visiting Research Fellow of Waseda University. His principal research field is a comparative study on the Japanese and the Chinese language and culture. His publications add up to more than 70. (School of Foreign Languages)



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