Professor Onishi Yasumitsu, Vice President of Mie University in Japan, invited to give lectures at Jiangsu University

On the afternoon of March 21, Professor Onishi Yasumitsu, Vice President of Mie University in Japan visited Jiangsu University and gave a lecture entitled “Lu Xun and Soseki Natsume—Introduction to Modern Japanese Literature”. The lecture presided over by Professor Su Jianhong, Vice Dean of the School of Foreign Languages attracted nearly 200 students and staffs, including 4 Japanese experts working here in Jiangsu University.

Professor Onishi Yasumitsu has long devoted himself to the teaching of and research on modern Japanese literature, especially to the research on Kitamura Tokoku of the Meiji Period, Arishima Takeo of the Taisho Period, and Shiina Rinzo of the Showa Period. He is currently a research fellow of the Association for Modern Japanese Literary Studies, the Japanese Literature Association, the Japanese Association for Social Literature, the Society for Studies on Arishima Takeo, the Japanese Association for Christian Literature, the Society of Showa Literature, etc., as well as an editorial board member of the History of Mie County. His publications include more than 10 monographs and more than 50 research papers.

In his lecture, Professor Onishi Yasumitsu demonstrated in plains words the profound literary achievements of Lu Xun and Soseki Natsume, in the meanwhile illustrating his ideas with maps and pictures. He analyzed and compared the achievements of these two literary masters who have respectively made landmark contributions to the Chinese and the Japanese literature, particularly against the backdrops of the overseas life of Lu Xun in Japan and the living environment of Soseki Natsume. The diction employed by Professor Onishi Yasumitsu in his lecture was both lively and humorous, turning his serious literary analysis into an inviting and interactive discussion on light-hearted topics through his frequent exchanging of ideas with the students. Professor Onishi Yasumitsu aroused the interest of the students and staffs of the School of Foreign Languages present at his lecture by his profound knowledge of literary studies, serious but not savorless speech, and detailed but not delaying examples.

During the Q & A period, Professor Onishi Yasumitsu answered in an academic attitude the questions raised by the enthused students by constantly quoting the classics and the original works, thus exhibiting his good accomplishment in literary studies and the Chinese and the Japanese culture.

Professor Onishi Yasumitsu helped broaden the audience’s scope of and deepen their understanding of the Japanese literature and he was warmly applauded by the students and teachers present at his lecture. (School of Foreign Languages)


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