REN Xiaofei


REN Xiaofei
Professor of Translation Studies
ADDRESS: 4-4-105, Jiangsu University, 301,Xuefu Road, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu,212013, P.R. China

Academic interests:
Translation studies & TESL
B.A, Shanxi University,1990
M.A, Shanxi University,1996
D.A, Shanghai International Studies University,2009
Courses offered:
Introduction to General Linguistics
Translation Studies
Postgraduate English Writing and Translating
Postgraduate English Interpreting
Postgraduate English Film Appreciation
Intensive Reading
Major Publications:
1.A Translator on the Stage— A Systemic Study on Ying Ruocheng’s Drama Translation, China’s Social Sciences Press, 2008
2.Introducing Corpus Stylistics into Drama Translation Studies, China’s Social Sciences Press, 2014
3.On Formal Correspondence in Chinese-English Translation from the Perspectives of Hypotaxis and Parataxis, China’s Translator Journal,2002:3
4.Formal Correspondence in Chinese-English Poetry Translation, Foreign Languages and Translation, 2001:4
5.Performatives in Ying Ruocheng’s Translation of Teahouse,Translation Journal,2008/2.
6.Translation and Reception of Systems Philosophy in China, Proceedings of the 18th International Translation Conference, 2008.
7.Cultural Turn in Multi-rank Equivalence Theory,Jiangsu University Journal (Social Sciences), 2008:3
8.Translator’s Manipulation of Equivalence, Yangzhou University Journal(The Humanities and Social sciences),2009:4
9.Turn-taking Management and Dramatic Dialogue Translation— a case study of dramatic stylistics, Foreign Languages Teaching Theory and Practice, 2010:1
10.A Translator on the Target Stage— Ying Ruocheng’s Theatrical Translation, Babel, 2010:4
11. Corpus stylistics in drama translation studies——Case study of deictic system in drama translation, Foreign Languages Teaching Theory and Practice, 2014:2
Research Projects:
1. Constructing Corpus Stylistics Methodological System in Translation Studies, The National Social Sciences Fund, 2010-2013
2.Constructing Systemic Framework of Corpus-based Dramatic Stylistics in Drama Translation Studies, Social Sciences Fund, Ministry of Education, China. 2009-2012
3.Drama Translation Studies from the Perspective of Dramatic Stylistics — Corpus-based Ying Ruocheng’s Theatrical Translation, Philosophical and Social Sciences Fund of Jiangsu Higher Education, 2009-2011
Honors & Awards:
1.The 3rd Prize of Excellent Research Achievements in Philosophical and Social Sciences of Jiangsu Higher Education,2006
2.  The 3rd Prize of Higher Education Research of Jiangsu Province,2007
3. Excellent Postgraduate Course of Jiangsu Province, 2010
4. The 2nd Prize of Higher Education Research of Jiangsu Uiversity,2010
5.  The 2nd Prize of Higher Education Research of Jiangsu Uiversity,2011
6. The 3rd Prize of Excellent Research Achievements in Philosophical and Social Sciences of Jiangsu Province, 2012
Member of China’s Translators Association
Member of Zhenjiang’s Social Scientists Association

Speaker of 18th International Translation Conference, Shanghai, 2008
Speaker of 9th International Symposium of Transfer in SLA,2008
Visiting Scholar, Manchester University, the UK, 201009-201102

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