Mao Weiqiang


Curriculum Vitae
Mao Weiqiang
Associate Professor of English Studies
Visiting Scholar to the University of Oxford
Visiting Scholar to Lancaster University, UK
Office Address
Department of English Studies,
School of Foreign Languages
Jiangsu University, 301 Xuefu Road, Zhenjiang
Jiangsu Province 212013, China
Tel: 86- 13852989312  E-mail: mozeno@live.com
Home Address
Room 208, Building 82, Dongcheng Lvzhou
Zhi Hui Road, Zhenjiang
Jiangsu Province 212013, China

Mao Weiqiang, Ph.D. is associate professor in the Department of English Studies, Jiangsu University, China. He joined the department in 2004 and has been working here ever since except when he visited the Faculty of English, University of Oxford (2013.10-2014.09) and the Department of English and Creative Writing, Lancaster University (2010.08-2011.01).
He teaches Twentieth-Century Literary Theory at the MA level and the BA modules including An Introduction to Literature, A Brief History of English and American Literature, Selected Readings of English Literature, English Rhetoric, Science, Philosophy and the Novel. His research interests include postcolonial studies of English Romantic poetry, African American women’s writing, contemporary British fiction, literary history and narrative theories. He is particularly interested in the relationship between science and the novel. Currently, he is hosting some research projects concerning theses areas of studies.
Teaching Interests
Twentieth-Century Literary Theory
An Introduction to Literature
A Brief History of English and American Literature
Selected Readings in English Literature
English Rhetoric
Integrated English for English Majors
Seminars/Academic Meetings
The 3rd International Symposium on Ethical Literary Criticism, 2012
Symposium on Contemporary Foreign Literature, 2011
Terry Eagleton Public Lectures and Seminars, 2010
The Seventh Annual Meeting for the Studies of English Literature, Shanghai International Studies University, 2007
Research Interests
Contemporary English literature
African American women’s writing in the twentieth century
Postcolonial studies of English romantic poetry
Canonicity and literary history
Research Projects
English Romantic Poetry and the Expansion of the British Empire
The Narrative Space of Toni Morrison’s Fiction
Major Awards
Best College Graduate Thesis Award (for Supervisors), the Department of Education, Jiangsu Province, 2014.
Teaching-Award, Jiangsu Province, 2013.
Teaching-Award, Jiangsu University, 2011.
Best College Graduate Thesis Award (for Supervisors), the Department of Education, Jiangsu Province, 2010.
Jiangsu Government Scholarship for Overseas Studies, 2009
Teaching-Award, Jiangsu University, 2009
Teaching-Award, Jiangsu University, 2007
Selected Publications
Mao, Weiqiang (2012). Self and Other in Crisis of Existence: a Study of Julian Barnes’ Novels. Suzhou: Soochow University Press.
Mao, Weiqiang (2012). “Technology, Novel Consumption and the Experiment with Modernist Fiction: a Study of Henry James’ In the Cage”. Foreign Literature. Vol. 130.2: 106-112.
Mao, Weiqiang (2012). “Quilting and African American Culture: a Study of the ‘Historical Re-memory’ in Beloved”. Foreign Language and Literature. Vol.29.5: 32-37.
Mao, Weiqiang (2012). “Fictional Paradigms and Critique of Morality:a Study of Julian Barnes’ The Sense of an Ending”. Foreign Literature Studies.Vol.34.6: 119-126.
Mao, Weiqiang (2012). “From the Pre-Racial to the Post-Racial——a Study of the De-Racialized Narrative in A Mercy” Translations. Vol.167.6: 37-49
Mao, Weiqiang (2011) Heterotopias and Cultural Others: a Study of Longfellow’s The Jewish Cemetery at New Port. Master Pieces Vol.373.10: 29-32.
Mao, Weiqiang (2010). “Give the Screw another Turn——A Cultural Re-Reading of The Turn of the Screw”, Journal of Language Teaching and Research. Vol.1.1: 44-49.
Mao, Weiqiang (2010). “Story Telling and Communal Singing—Effective forms of Appropriation to Destabilize White Supremacy”, Journal of Language Teaching and Research Vol.1.6: 26-34
Mao, Weiqiang (2009). “Hong Lou Meng Translation and Ethic Cultural Promotion”, Journal of Jiangsu University.Vol.5: 81-84
Mao, Weiqiang (2009). “Heterotopia as an alternative to Utopia—The narrative space in ‘The glass mountain’” US-China Foreign Language. Vol.10: 61-64
Mao, Weiqiang (2009). “Teaching Culture within and beyond Language”, English Language Teaching. Vol. 1.4: 144-148
Mao, Weiqiang (2009). “Beloved as an Oppositional Gaze ”, English Language Teaching, Vol.2.3: 26-34
Mao, Weiqiang (2006). “Blacks Look Back”. Journal of Sichuan International Studies University.Vol.22.5: 32-36
Mao, Weiqiang (2006). “On the Construction of Black Cultural Poetics”, Journal of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies.Vol.4: 15-19
Mao, Weiqiang (2002). “The Return of Past: The Art of M. R. James’ Gothic Fiction”. Journal of Sichuan International Studies University.5: 53-57
Mao, Weiqiang (2003) “Toni Morrison and the Reconstruction of Black Culture”. Journal of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies.Vol.12: 17-21

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