Wan Xuemei


Wan Xuemei

Wan Xuemei
Professor, Ph. D & M.A. supervisor
Add: School of Foreign Languages, Jiangsu University
301 Xuefu Road, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu province 212013, PRC
Tel: 13951287729
E-mail: 1138121107@qq.com;wanxuemei@ujs.edu.cn

Research Fields:
American and English Literature
Comparative Culture and Literature
American History and Civilization
Chinese Traditional Culture

Academic Education:
1. Visiting Scholar in School of Arts and Humanities, UT Dallas, 2011-2012
2. Ph. D, English and American Literature, Shanghai International Studies University, China, 2008-2011
3. M.A., English and American Literature, Nanjing Normal University, China, 2001-2004

Courses Offered:
Insights into Chinese Culture, Selected Readings in British Literature, Western Culture, An Integrated English Course, A Short History of English Literature, A Survey of American Literature, College English, English Writing…

Selected Publications:
1. “An Overview of Contemporary Kate Chopin Studies in the West,” Contemporary Foreign
Literature, 2013/02
2. Beauty in Love and Death: on Kate Chopin’s works, CHINA Social Sciences Press, 2012
3. “On the Translation of Sinology,” Journal of School of Chinese Language and Culture,
Nanjing Normal University, 2012/01
4. Facing the other man: a reading of Kate Chopin’s love affair stories from the Confucian perspective (Treasures@UT Dallas, Eugene McDermott Library, 2012/04)
5. A Study of Narrative Perspectives of The Awakening with Guo Xi’s Theory of the ‘Three Distances’, Foreign Literature Studies 2(2010):143-150.
6. A New Exploration in Narrative Perspectives, Jiangxi Social Sciences 5(2010):35-40.
7. Kate Chopin’s View on Death and Freedom in The Story of an Hour, English Language Teaching 4 (2009):167-170.
8. Perceptual Love and Rational Beauty—On Kate Chopin’s A Respectable Woman, Masterpiece Review 22(2008):121-123.
9. A Deconstructive and Feminist Reading of The Millstone, Journal of Jiangsu University (Social Science Edition) 6(2008):72-75.
10. An Exploration in English Teaching on How to Recite with the Help of Multimedia, Jiangsu Higher Education 3(2007):153-154.
11. Poetically Transcending the Conflict between Life and Death, Journal of Sichuan International Studies University 3(2007):28-31.
12. Rethinking on College English Listening Teaching & Reform, China Adult Education 6(2007):54-56.
13. The Eternal Realm beyond Death—On Kate Chopin’s The Awakening, Masterpiece Review 12(2006):76-79.
14. On the Employment Policy in F. D. Roosevelt’s New Deal, The Journal of Shandong Normal University 1(2004):62-65.
15. A Post-Colonialist and Feminist Reading of Out of Africa, Journal of Sichuan Foreign Language Institute 5(2003):80-82,116.
16. Self-salvation by Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal: Deliverance of Those at the Bottom of the Pyramid, Reference Teaching to Middle School History 11 (2003):8-11.
17. On How FDR’s New Deal Dealt with the Issue of Unemployment, History Teaching 11 (2003):67-74.
18. On the Melancholy President: Abraham Lincoln, Reference Teaching to Middle School History 7(2003):32-34.
19. Women as Victim and Woman as Victor—On Maxine Hong Kingston’s The Woman Warrior, Culture & Education Research 6 (2003):215-216.
20. Beyond Feminism—On Margaret Drabble’s The Millstone, Jiangsu Foreign Language Teaching & Research 3(2003):105-107.
21. A Spiritual History under the Fascist Iron Heel—On Elsa Morante’s History: A Novel, Culture & Education Research 2(2003):174-176.
22. Conviction & Aspiration—the Story of a Common Self-study Student, Self-study Examination of Jiangsu Province 1~2(2003):86-87.
23. Ann Bradstreet and Li Qingzhao, Language & Literature Research 1(2003): 136-138.
24. “How to Face the Other Man in Marriage—On Kate Chopin’s A Respectable Woman”, ed. Xue Jiabao & Wang Xiaoying, Dialogue and Innovation—On Foreign Literature and Comparative Literature Research in Global Context (Nanjing: Hehai University Press, 2008).
25. “Tang Landscape Poetry and the ‘Three Distances’ of Guo Xi” (translation), ed. Qian Linsen, French Sinologists’ Views on Chinese Literature: Classical Poetry (Beijing: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, 2007).
26. “On Margaret Drabble and Her Novels”, ed. Zhang Jie & Lv Hongling, Questions and Texts—Extraterritorial Literature Exploration in the New Century (Nanjing: Hehai University Press, 2007).
27. “‘Hindi-Chini Bhai Bhai’: Indian Media Representations of China” (translation), ed. Yue Daiyun, Alain Le Pichon & Qian Linsen, Intercultural Dialogue 19 (Nanjing: Jiangsu People’s Press, 2006).
28-32: “Seima Lagerlof (Swedish)”, “Isak Dinesen (Danish)”, “Elsa Morante (Italian)”, “Barbara Pym (English)”, and “Margaret Drabble (English)”, ed, Wang Xiaoying & Yang Jing, The She World: On 100 Famous Works of Foreign Female Writers (Hefei: Anhui People’s Press, 2004).
33 “The Call of Nature & Awakening Poetically: On Nara’s Leaving Home & Edna’s Awakening in the View of Ecologism,” ed. Nie Zhenzhao and Zhou Xin, The Ecological Values of Ibsen’s Works: Proceedings of Green Ibsen International Symposium. accepted by The “Green Ibsen” International Conference Proceeding (Wuhan: Huazhong Normal University Press,2009).
34. “Confucius and Ancient Chinese Literary Criticism” (translation), ed. Yue Daiyun, Alain Le Pichon & Qian Linsen, Intercultural Dialogue 2011/02 (Beijing: SDX joint Publishing Company, 2011).
35. “On the History of Sinology,” Journal of Sun Yat-Sen University (Social Science Edition), 2012/01(as the second of the three translators).

Research projects
1. “On Kate Chopin’s Fiction” funded by The Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, 2010-2013
2. “On Kate Chopin’s Works” funded by Jiangsu Provincial Philosophical and Social Sciences Directing Programs, 2011-2014
3. “On Kate Chopin’s Thoughts” funded by Jiangsu University, 2011-2014
4. “On American Confucius’ Chinese Dream” funded by Education Department of Jiangsu Province, 2015-2017

Major Awards:
1. 2014. The 2nd Prize of Excellent PhD Dissertation on Women Studies by Chinese Women’s Research Society, Beijing, P. R. China.
2. 2013. The 1st Prize of Excellent Scientific Papers or Monographs in Zhenjiang City
3. 2009. The 3rd Prize of Excellent Achievements in Foreign Languages, Literature and Translation Research of Jiangsu Province during the 60 Years after the Founding of P. R. China issued by the United Academy of Philosophic and Social Sciences of Jiangsu Province
4. 2009. Excellent Instructor Prize for China Central Television (CCTV) “Star of Outlook:” English Talent Competition in Jiangsu Province
5. 2005-2009. Excellent Teacher Prize in School of Foreign Languages and Culture, Jiangsu University
6. 2006-2008. The First Prize for Excellent Teaching, Jiangsu University
7. 2006. Excellent Prize for Papers (for On How to Improve Chinese Higher Education), Jiangsu University
8. 2006. The First Prize for Writing on “How to Educate University Students Well” (for On the Ways of Developing Chinese Universities), Jiangsu University
9. 2004. The First Prize for Writing on the Topic of “Good Teachers around Us” (for Who Ignites the Permanent Light in My Mind), Nanjing Normal University
Professional Affiliations:
Member of Modern Language Association of America (MLA), US
Member of US-China Education Trust for American Studies Network, US
Member of “The Kate Chopin International Society,” US
Committee Person of Jiangsu Province’s Foreign Literature
Committee Person of Jiangsu Province’s Comparative Literature

Other Academic Activities:
1. July 18-20, 2014. The 9th Congress and International Conference of the Sino-UD Cultural Studies Association, CCLA: “On American Confucius’ Chinese Dream.”
2. October 25-28, 2013. The 3rd International Symposium on Ethnical Literary Criticism: “On the Sense of Belonging in ‘A Horse Story’ by Kate Chopin.”
3. May 17-21, 2013. The 3rd International Symposium on Humanities in the World: “An Interview with Professor Frederick Turner.”
4. May 24-27, 2012. The 23rd Annual Conference of American Literature: “Guo Xi’s Three Distances and Three Women in The Awakening.”
5. March 24, 2012. RAW (Research, Art, Writing) Conference, UT Dallas: “Facing the other man: a reading of Kate Chopin’s love affair stories from the Confucian perspective.”
6. January 28, 2012. The 26th session of the Confucius Salon at Confucius Institute, UTD: “Chinese Music from the Confucian Perspective.”
7. 2010. The Seventh Annual American Studies Network Conference, November 5-7, 2010, Wuxi, China: “Insight into American Financial Crisis in Late 2008.”
8. 2010. Annual Meeting of Jiangsu Province’s Comparative Literature at the Institute of Advanced Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences, Nanjing University, October 2010: “On the Translation of Sinology.”
9. 2010. Annual Meeting of Contemporary Foreign Literature, at Qingdao University, July 2010: “A New Exploration in Narrative Perspectives.”
10. 2009. Annual Meeting of Jiangsu Province’s Foreign Literature in Yangzhou University, November 2009: “The Perspective of the Eye and the Mind—Analysis from Guo Xi’s Theory of ‘Three Distances’.”
11. 2009. Annual Meeting of Jiangsu Province’s Comparative Literature at the Institute of Advanced Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences, Nanjing University, October 2009: “The Eye Perspective vs. the Mind Perspective.”
12. 2009. Annual Meeting of Contemporary Foreign Literature, in Weihai Campus, Harbin Institute of Technology, Weihai, Shandong Province, July 2009: “American Civilization from Hemingway’s Philosophical Perspective on Death.”

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